Benefit from the therapeutic virtues of diamonds

Litho therapy is a Greek term made up of two words: lithos and therapeia. In Greek, litho means stone, while its counterpart therapeia, and is a word used to refer to care. Therefore, the term can be interpreted as methods…

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No birth gift ideas? Baby jewellery will do the trick!

The arrival of a newborn baby in a family is a real blessing. Your loved one has just had a baby and you don’t know what to give as a birth gift? A piece of jewellery is the perfect gift…

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Birth gift, it’s a lifelong marker!

When a baby is born, it can only bring joy to its family. So it’s hard not to let this event go unnoticed. To mark this moment of happiness and joy, nothing beats a birth pendant. Baby will be able…

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Original gift: opt for personalised jewellery

Whether it’s for a birthday, baptism, or just a special event, giving someone a gift is always a pleasure to share. Sometimes, we can spend a lot of money to please someone close to us. But with a personalised piece…

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Choose your earrings according to the shape of your face

Among all the jewellery on line, ear jewellery is among those with the most original shapes. But if you want to emphasize your morphology, some choices are particularly recommended according to the shape of your face. But how to make…

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