A gold watch is eternally authentic!

The major watch brands have at least launched one gold watch model. This is not without reason, as more and more consumers appreciate this trend. Here, we are not talking about watches with a pink or gold coating, or gold-plated watches. We are really talking about watches made of solid gold.

More than aesthetics

When you buy a solid gold watch, you think less about aesthetics. It must be said that a gold or rose gold watch captivates more attention than a black or grey steel watch. From an aesthetic point of view, we could discuss it but that's not the point. We notice that gold is not very trendy at the moment. And pink gold is doing a little bit on this side. We then deduce that aesthetics is not the first criterion that pushes consumers to buy a gold watch. Of course, it is quite important to be satisfied with the visual aspect of one's watch, but the authenticity and originality of a gold watch are what interests owners the most. And this is what triggers the acquisition among buyers.

Recognizing an authentic gold watch

Wanting to invest in gold watches is quite understandable. However, one must first know how to recognize a real gold watch before making a purchase. The watch market is not at all immune to counterfeiting. So if you want something authentic for life, it's best not to venture blindly. On the other hand, they say it doesn't have to be gold to shine. Authenticity problems arise especially when you plan to buy a second-hand watch. The ideal is to understand the different types of gold watches according to their alloy. We have 18 carat, 9 carat, 14 carat and 21 carat gold. For more security, it is recommended to ask for a guarantee of authenticity.

Reasons to buy a gold watch

Precious metals are more valuable. That's why there is more interest in gold watches. If you already have a luxury watch, you will later turn to the gold case. This is not a mere whim, it is a perfectly rational acquisition. First of all, it is a symbol of wealth. But not only that, it is also a great assurance of authenticity and a better way to preserve an important part of one's savings on oneself. If you ever have a financial concern, you always have an object to sell that does not lose its value or authenticity over time.
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