Benefit from the therapeutic virtues of diamonds


Litho therapy is a Greek term made up of two words: lithos and therapeia. In Greek, litho means stone, while its counterpart therapeia, and is a word used to refer to care. Therefore, the term can be interpreted as methods of care that uses natural stones. Lithotherapy is therefore a healing technique that incorporates a wide range of techniques into one. It includes the benefits of massage, meditation, auric cleansing, and any energy body with healing effects. In a simpler term, it is an alternative mode of medication that uses energy from different minerals. Different communities employ the use of various stones in different healing therapy. The type of minerals used also varies from one community to another. Every precious stone consists of a unique form of energy that is different based on its crystallization, colour, and compounds. The energy from these stones has the ability to penetrate you and affect your own energy. This is important since by positively changing the energy within and around you, one stands a chance to benefit greatly. For instance, the ancient Egyptians were able to identify a protective virtue of diamond stone that was beneficial in developing spiritual wellness and also in medical therapy. When worn as jewellery, its power reinstate balance and causing a soothing effect in your body, mind, and soul. More information regarding these precious stones can be found on

Benefits of lithotherapy and therapeutic virtues of diamonds

Lithotheraphy has many benefits. For example, it aids in fostering harmony between the various body parts as well as energizing and revitalizing the entire body. Other benefits include treatment of tension, emotional blockage, and other negative energy-related problems. Treatment of these mental illnesses helps in protecting the body from diseases and restore energy lost through the above-mentioned issues. Like any other therapy, litho therapy fosters self-knowledge, inner peace, and the awakening of physical and spiritual vibrations and virtues within the body. According to this practice, various stones have specific energetic vibrations that are unique to their specific chemical compositions and colours. This, therefore, implies that when a stone is placed in a house or worn in the form of jewellery, it releases energy that will have various effects depending on the intentions of the person wearing it. One of the best precious stones in lithotherapy is the diamond. It offers several healing benefits hence the reason why most people seek it. Since diamond is pure white in colour, it is considered a symbol of purity. Most traditional healers believed that the natural stone had the power to bring people’s lives together. This precious stone has also been known to bring love and clarity to couples. Since they enhance their users towards the fulfilment of their dreams and desires, they are highly regarded as fulfilment stone. For a long time, they have also been used as a form of energy purifier because of their pure nature. Diamonds also foster strength and endurance, more so when it comes to different energy within the body. They also work by enhancing powers like most crystals. They have also been used as a sign of commitment and fidelity. They install trust in couples. Diamonds have also been known to attract the manifestation of abundance. By attracting the forces of accumulation, they make the concept of abundance possible. They are also good at blocking mental pain and electromagnetic stress. They reduce fear, which is the leading cause of stress and pain. These natural stones also help in building creativity, ingenuity, and a broad sense. They achieve this by putting the mind in a state of clarity and enlightenment therefore promoting inventiveness. They also remind the wearer of his soul’s aspirations. This would eventually help him with his spiritual evolution. This would therefore make someone’s soul shine and thrive. These stones have also been associated with detoxification benefits. This stone helps in restoring balance in the body’s metabolism via elements such as stamina and strength building. They are also essential in treating chronic issues and allergies. For example, they treat complications such as glaucoma and sight problems. Other complications that can be treated by these stones include vertigo and dizziness, among other serious brain-related problems. Also, practitioners of lithotherapy strongly believe that these stones have the power to counteract the effect of poisoning. Moreover, these stones are believed to foster spiritual invisibility. This means that the owner of the stone would experience increased strength and courage. These stones can also be used in meditation to rejuvenate one’s body and help them feel free and boost their self-worth. The various colours of the stones can also be used to reveal their healing capabilities. Yellow stones aid in promoting thoughtfulness, and in turn promote better the relationship between couples. The blue diamonds are known for encouraging strength willpower. It also encourages people to take good care of their health. Although the blue stone does not directly heal or treat illnesses, it greatly helps people take good care of themselves, therefore subsequently eliminating diseases.

Psychological benefits and balancing virtues

These stones strongly vibrate with the crown chakra located in the head. It has the capacity to link someone with supernatural forces, or to one’s personal spirituality, therefore enabling their energy vibrations to align to that of the mother earth. As frequently demonstrated by professional yoga practitioners, the energy of this precious stone aligns one with the trembling of his brain, body, and heart. It is therefore among the best gemstone for cosmic meditation sessions. The invincibility property is highly exhibited during wars. It is for this reason that the great Napoleon used to go to battles with an enormous piece of this gemstone. It was therefore attributed to repelling negative energies, especially from black magic. Additionally, this stone has a remarkable absorption ability. It, therefore, enables one to commune with his higher self and also with other supernatural forces. It creates harmony not only within one’s self but also between partners. However, although these stones do not directly work on emotions with your body, its powerful energies can magnify your emotional condition, starting from pleasure to desperation, hence must be worn carefully. In chakra healing and balancing of virtues, this precious stone has high recurrence energy that triggers and accesses each chakra, especially the crown and the etheric chakras. Since the crown chakra is located in the head, it is regarded as the entry to the enlarged cosmos past your body. It is responsible for reasoning and the ways in which one responds to their environment. It links one to his higher self and is regarded as the foundation of universal energy and truth. Therefore, when the crown chakra is in a harmonious state, all your energy and vibrations become properly aligned, and in a neutral state.

How to use diamonds in lithotherapy?

There are various ways in which these precious stones are used in lithotherapy. They can be positioned around the lower back to eliminate kidney stones. Alternatively, they can be placed on the head skull. By doing so, it enables the alignment of the skeletal system. Also, wearing the stones as earrings helps in improving communication from higher chakras. These stones usually tend to act as a bridge between chakras hence improving the overall communication. Wearing this natural stone jewellery somewhere close to the heart enhances its healing benefits since their vibration frequencies are very high. They can also be placed in different corners of a house to enable a positive flow of energies. They also foster good relations among people living within a house. However, it must be noted that these stones are believed to be highly powerful. They are strong enough to amplify the healing attributes of other stones. This means that when one has other precious stones in his possession, he can amplify their power using this stone.

It is crucial to note that the biggest factor to poor health and unhappiness is the separation of the blueprints. Blueprints represent the highest sense of right and wrong. They guide healthy function processes in one’s body, and subsequently attainment of one’s life purpose. Wearing this precious stone signals one’s honest interest in reconnecting with his blueprints for optimal health. These prints usually go dormant when not accessed. When this stone is placed on a body at specific locations, the prints are awakened and take notice. They hence grow bright, clear, and strong. Once your blueprints are awakened, one’s journey to good health accelerates.

This precious stone is very important and has crucial virtues necessary in litho therapy. It is very beneficial and can support the body, mind, and soul to attain its full potential. When gifting your friend or loved one, always opt for this precious gem for maximum health benefits and a trendy fashion look.

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