Original gift: opt for personalised jewellery

Whether it's for a birthday, baptism, or just a special event, giving someone a gift is always a pleasure to share. Sometimes, we can spend a lot of money to please someone close to us. But with a personalised piece of jewellery, it is really sure to receive a real treasure full of originality. Personalized gifts can be adapted to each personality. For example, it can be a nice ring, a beautiful necklace or a personalized bracelet.

A personalized engraved jewel

For any occasion, engraved jewellery is a great gift idea. In addition to their originality, they appeal to both men and women. Likewise, children or babies deserve engraved jewellery such as personalized bracelets for their baptism or birthday. The jewellers can make all your requests by engraving the name of your loved ones, their pet or even their favourite star. For Valentine's Day or your lover's birthday, you can also offer rings engraved with little hearts or names to mark love. And for other events such as Mother's Day or others, offer your loved ones engraved pendants of your choice.

Jewellery to be personalized with leather

Custom leather straps are a man's favorite. For this style, jewellers can offer black or dark colors because it is the trend and it is better for men. With suede or satin leathers, you can add beautiful steel plates to be personalized on the front. For these leather models, women prefer bright colours such as pink or red or even purple, it's up to you to please them. Still for women, the personalized steel or gold-plated bracelets are also very special. To do this, embellish the jewel with a name or an important date. Apart from bracelets, also opt for long personalised necklaces made of steel or pearl with leather loops, women love them.

Jewellery with printed patterns

Women love the photo pendant to personalise, give it to your wife for your wedding anniversary. Add your couple's photo inside. Girls also jump for joy with these customisable jewellery items. Simply print their favourite star's photo or something else, such as a logo or stylish words like declarations of love. It's the same for boys or men, but be sure to choose the right colours and style. Some prefer to print their favourite flowers or their dream place. These little tokens of attention are part of the pleasures of what receives them.
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