No birth gift ideas? Baby jewellery will do the trick!

The arrival of a newborn baby in a family is a real blessing. Your loved one has just had a baby and you don't know what to give as a birth gift? A piece of jewellery is the perfect gift to honour this milestone. And again, don't just pick just any jewellery, go for customizable jewellery. This way, your present will be highly appreciated because it is unique.

Personalized Gourmette

If there's one piece of jewellery that is especially good for a birth gift, it's a personalised bracelet. The advantage of this type of jewellery is that it also respects the French tradition and is both aesthetic. A bracelet is also a guarantee that the baby will be able to wear it for many years to come. For a godmother, a birth medallion can be the equivalent of a personalized bracelet, and as for the material, it is preferable to choose silver. This avoids allergies that could irritate the baby. Otherwise, you can also opt for stainless steel or titanium. As for the look suitable for newborn jewellery, a light and fine engraved bracelet is recommended. Generally, for engraving, the baby's name is inscribed. But you can also engrave the date of birth on the back of the bracelet.

Jewellery first name child

For the personalization of a birth jewel, a first name child jewel is also ideal. It is not very complicated, but you will still have to go to a good jewellery store. Currently, it is possible for you to buy customizable jewellery online. It doesn't matter what you are looking for, pink gold, white gold, yellow gold or gold-plated. So, to do so, you select a jewel and the type of personalization. It can be a first name or soft messages. It's up to you to enter by choosing the typography that suits you. If you want to know the rendering, you can always request a preview.

Engraved bracelet

Although this is a birth gift, it should also be noted that baby is growing. If you are considering giving an engraved bracelet, take this kind of detail into account. Indeed, a personalized bracelet can be worn by the child for a few months or even a few years. But when he is 3 or 4 years old, the jewellery will be a little small for him. If you want him to wear it even as a teenager, then buy a piece of jewellery that can evolve with the child.
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Birth gift, it’s a lifelong marker!

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