Choose your earrings according to the shape of your face

Among all the jewellery on line, ear jewellery is among those with the most original shapes. But if you want to emphasize your morphology, some choices are particularly recommended according to the shape of your face. But how to make the right choice?

The different types of ear jewellery

Jewellery designers know how to give originality to models that are designed over the years. But there are only a few types of earrings, which can take many forms. Fleas are the easiest jewellery to wear and are often chosen for children who have just had their ears pierced to avoid the risk of loss or snagging. It is also the ideal jewellery for those who have a hectic life and a job that does not make wearing jewellery easy. Among the easy-to-wear women's jewellery, there are also sleepers, which are flea-like but more sophisticated earrings. Sleepers are the short version of dangling earrings. These jewels can take on extremely different shapes, but they all have in common that they are long. They reach at least jaw level but can go down to the shoulder. Online jewellery shops can also offer creoles, which are very wide earrings.

Jewellery for a round, square or heart-shaped face

A round, square or heart-shaped face is a fairly short face whose different components are fairly close together. If it is advisable to turn to models a little imposing, certain jewels on line are more suitable than others. A round face is better to counterbalance this specificity by opting for ear pendants that allow the face to be visually elongated. Angular shapes can refine features and enhance morphology. For a square face, choose creoles or pendulous earrings with a rounded shape, in order to attenuate the very angular side of the jaw. In any case, it is better to avoid geometric shapes. Heart-shaped faces have a rather wide forehead for a shorter chin. It is necessary to avoid too long ear jewels and to privilege rather round models. Creoles can be very suitable. In all cases, it is advisable to opt for earrings whose shape is reversed in relation to the face. If you choose ear pendants, choose a two-part model where the upper part is smaller than the lower.

Jewellery for an oval or rectangular face

People who have an oval or rectangular face have more elongated features and in some cases, this requires special attention to the women's jewellery you wish to wear. Women with oval faces are the luckiest: their faces are sufficiently harmonious in height and width. In fact, they can afford all types of earrings and should be especially careful to adapt their jewellery to their outfit of the day. Be careful, however, it is not recommended to wear earrings that are too long if you have a fairly short neck. By choosing this model, your neck will not necessarily be highlighted. It is better to choose a model that stops at the chin line. In the case of a rectangular face, the choice of jewellery depends mainly on the effect you are looking for. If you want to go with the length of the face to give an original effect, it is advisable to choose long and thin curls. Ear pendants that are not too imposing are particularly suitable. If, on the contrary, you want to break the very angular side of this type of face, then you should choose round and rather imposing jewels. Creoles are then particularly recommended for this effect.  
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