Birth gift, it’s a lifelong marker!

When a baby is born, it can only bring joy to its family. So it's hard not to let this event go unnoticed. To mark this moment of happiness and joy, nothing beats a birth pendant. Baby will be able to wear it even when he grows up. It is therefore a perfect birth gift.

Why do you use a birth pendant as a gift for a baby?

Birth pendants are not new at all. They are from the 11th century. They always mark the arrival of a baby with these special jewels. Today, it's still customary. You are free to choose the material: yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, silver or copper. Even if we talk about a classic gift, it is timeless because it is symbolic. The child will be able to wear it around his neck throughout his life. Even if it is a gift, it remains a lasting one for life.

Criteria for choosing the right birth pendant for your child

Finding the right pendant to give to your newborn baby is based on only one criterion. You have to make sure that it will still appeal to the child even when he or she is a little older. Of course, when the gift is given to him at birth, he won't be able to give his opinion. However, he will wear this precious jewel throughout his life. We then take care to imagine how he will feel when he has his own taste in jewellery. It is then advisable to choose a piece that is both unique and beautiful.

The personalisation of the birth pendant

The pendant or pendant must be chosen first. Whatever the shape, the idea is to personalize the jewel. Words of love will only please, but you can also engrave the baby's name. Otherwise, you can put the date of birth on the back of the pendant. Once the selection of the pendant is completed, all that remains is to find a chain. Because it is only a baby, it is preferable to make a choice among chains that are a little simpler and more classic. As for the length, we refer to the baby's neck circumference. To make a nice birth pendant, we have two choices. Either we entrust the task to a jewellery craftsman, or we choose a site that sells a whole range of birth and baptismal medals during birth.
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