What could be more beautiful to wear in your hand than a bracelet or a gold ring?

Both women and men love to wear a bracelet. This jewel is currently back in fashion. If it is so appreciated, it is mainly thanks to the various styles available. What makes the bracelet different from an ordinary bracelet is that it only has an engraved plate. Usually, the name of its owner is put on it. But it can also be engraved with words of love. A gold ring, on the other hand, is also a pleasant jewel to wear. It can be worn for various occasions.

Wearing a bracelet or a gold ring

For gold rings, it is important to know the meanings for each finger. But for bracelets, there is no strict rule for wearing them. You just have to determine which wrist is the most practical. For example, if you already have a watch on your right hand, then the bracelet should be worn on your left hand. This prevents the accessories from being damaged. It is also essential to make sure that the wristband does not interfere with daily tasks. Otherwise, it is also preferable to put the bracelet on the wrist, which makes it easy to buckle the clasp. But if you always have someone to do it, then choosing the wrist is not really difficult.

Positioning of the engraving and text

The gold or silver bracelets have two engraved sides. They are engraved with a date and a first name in most cases. But it's not always everyone's choice. It is especially visible on christening bracelets. You can then go to a jewellery store to have something else engraved, such as a symbol, a drawing or a message. Only the owner chooses who can see or read the message inscribed on his jewellery. The principle of an inscription is to be able to read it. It is therefore best to use a clockwise direction. For the date, people often choose to put it on the discreet side. That is to say, turned against the skin.

Putting on a bracelet

Putting on a bracelet alone is not at all easy, especially with certain clasps. If you are used to wearing a gold bracelet every day, you certainly want to avoid damaging it, so you take it off from time to time. For example, when you're in the shower. To be able to put it on without having to wait for someone to help, you choose the wrist as follows: for a right-handed person, the jewel is to be put on the left hand and the reverse if you are left-handed. Also, one must opt for a toggle clasp or drawer.
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