The fine necklaces and pendants are a proof of your taste!

You like to wear necklaces a lot. You'd certainly like to accumulate some to make you look even prettier. But in order to do so, you have to follow certain rules. The accumulation of fine necklaces is not done randomly. It is also important that you know how to prove your taste without spoiling your look.

How to choose fine necklaces

It's not about buying just any necklace. Otherwise, you might just stash it in your jewellery box or bathroom drawer. The ideal is therefore to choose with great care and have a good time when selecting necklaces. Prefer long and thin models. Gold pendants are preferable, so leave out the charms. Otherwise, you can always buy stainless steel necklaces with a golden hue.

Don't overdo the number of necklaces

Good taste also means knowing how to wear your gold necklace. But since we're talking about an accumulation of fine necklaces, you shouldn't lack elegance. You must not overdo it. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain. So, in order not to miss the style you are looking for, four necklaces are enough or five maximum. Also, the choice of the number must be adapted to the choice of necklaces. If you have already decided on the pendants and the length of the necklaces, take into account the fact that they should not be intertwined. This will prevent them from being visible. It would be a pity to have spent time searching for necklaces in a jewellery store only to end up missing the long awaited result. Think then of buying models with different lengths. This will allow you to superimpose them and not encounter any problems. This way, your style will be displayed properly.

Wear an open white shirt for more style

The thin collars accumulated are simply perfect to wear with a white shirt. Slightly open, it allows you to have a stylish, light and delicate look. Your collars will be highlighted just like your pretty figure. If you like crop-tops, then it will be even better. Although we often talk about not overdoing it, that doesn't mean not having a little fun. You don't go over the number of necklaces you need, of course, but the choice of pendants is rather free. So everything is allowed, but you don't just forget the refinement. In addition, you have the right to impose your taste as you wish.
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