The style of your lighter will speak a lot about your personality!

For any stylish man, smoker or not, having a lighter reflects his personality. After all, your lighter says a lot about you. Most of the time, it is said that it is difficult for men to play with accessories to assert their style, unlike women. But this is not always true. For example, they have cufflinks, belts, jacket pockets, socks, pens, or even the choice of lighter.

A gold lighter to be elegant

You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other men and be more elegant with beautiful accessories. For example, you can opt for a customizable gold lighter. But you have to choose it carefully. The lighter must be of high quality, choose at least 18-carat yellow gold. It must be able to match your personality and style. Forget the old lighter you bought at the grocery store, and turn to pieces of elegance. Try to imagine, you're at a reception, dressed to the nines, with a tailor-made suit, the perfect haircut, a perfect beard and a lady asks you for a light. You're not going to take out a fluorescent green lighter that you've picked up somewhere at home. You risk losing all credibility because of a simple lighter. All your class and elegance, evaporating in an instant. We therefore recommend that you select an original lighter, in white gold for example, that is customizable, elegant, and refillable. Opt for a lighter to your honour.

Create a social bond with a lighter that has class

The lighter is an accessory that allows you to create links if you smoke or not. Find the model that suits you best, according to your look. Keep in mind that you're not the average person, so you should have a lighter that reflects your image. You need a lighter that reflects your style and character as well as your personality. If it's rare and valuable, the accessory can attract attention and interest. Lighting an elegant lady's cigarette with a luxury lighter will give you a better chance of seducing her than with a lighter from the supermarket.

Impress the world with your lighter

A candy-pink plastic lighter isn't going to impress your boss. Instead, choose a lighter model from the collection of major brands. Because every little detail makes a big impact. A person's lighter says a lot about the personality of its owner.
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